Critical Business Tools

A completely free set of marketing and communication tools that make your speaking business into a total powerhouse!

Sign Up for / Install ALL of These Programs:

Google Chrome – Internet browser

Google account – manage your email, forms, documents, and much more

Google voice – free phone number, calling, voicemail transcriptions, texts, & call management.

Full Contact – Chrome extension that crawls web for all social media accounts of any email address.

Insightly – The hub for all of your business. It’s the best CRM for speakers.

Evercontact – Chrome extension that analyzes and saves lead contact details automatically.

Email Sourcer – Click a button and it’ll find every contact listed on that website.

Concord – Free online contract/document signing

Wave – Free invoicing software and credit card processor that sends the money right to your bank account.

Boomerang – Allows you to schedule emails and ‘boomerang’ them back to your inbox.

Gorgias – Chrome extension that lets you paste pre-written emails and templates in gmail, LinkedIn, and elsewhere.

Insightly Sidebar for Gmail – Lets you access and interact with Insightly CRM from your gmail account.

eSpeakers – Go to Joe Heaps interview (in this module) for access to a free account ($100 value).

Calendly – Easily schedule times to speak with meeting planners.

Action Steps to Proceed

  • Sign up for all accounts listed in the video
  • Install all Chrome extensions listed in the video
  • Helpful External Resources
  • How to Add/Remove Chrome Extensions:

How to Add/Remove Chrome Extensions: