The Niche Viability Cruncher

How to research a niche to determine whether or not it will be the absolute best fit for you.

Now that you’ve determined 1-3 niches that could be great fits for you, it’s time to do some deep-dive research into each of them. This way, you can rest assured that you’re going to get hired in that niche.

If your personal success matrix doesn’t require that you book a lot of dates, you can select a smaller niche. It will be much easier to book yourself in a smaller niche because establishing expertise is a relatively simple task.

If your success matrix requires more dates, you need to be sure that your niche is large enough to sustain your definition of success. It will be harder to establish expertise as your niche gets broader, but the broader you go, the more events will become available to you.

For example, if you spoke about the soils of the Mojave desert, there would be only a few groups that would hire you to speak, but it would be easy to get them to hire you (assuming you have the credentials). Alternatively, if you spoke about sales performance, there are a lot of groups that could hire you, but you’ll have much more competition, so it’ll be harder to get the actual gigs.

Action Steps to Proceed

  • Answer ‘Yes’ to at least 3 of the 5 niche viability questions
  • Conduct either an online survey or call 5-10 meeting planners
  • Clearly understand your niche’s top reasons for hiring speakers
  • Answer ‘Yes’ to the niche finalizer questions

External Niche Research Video: