Your Brand & Speaking Hook

How to create a brand that engages both meeting planners and audiences.

In this lesson, you’re going to learn how to create an engaging story.

This is going to ‘hook’ meeting planners so that they are interested in your services.

This also engages your audience members when you are speaking to them.

Your story is NOT your content. Your story is the vessel that carries your content. This training will help you to create an engaging story.

Action Steps to Proceed

  • Inventory your 5 brand sources
  • Decide on one
  • Create a Reddit AMA for that brand

Advanced Storytelling Techniques

Studying the below videos and links will be a masters-level story-telling education!

First, these two TED talks have fantastic content on how to craft an engaging story. Remember, your story IS your hook, so refining it will help with both your marketing and your stagecraft.

NSA Workshop on storytelling by Ty Bennet

Two great techniques for story-telling by Walt Disney

Harvard Business Review interviews movie-maker on how to create engaging stories.

Finally, these two videos cover the work of Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero’s Journey, The Power of Myth, and The Hero With 1000 Faces. Nearly every Hollywood movie has been influenced by these works.

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