Your Website & Demo Video

Recommended resources and methods for creating two of the most important aspects of your marketing materials.

Action Steps to Proceed

  • Use WIX to create your website. If you’re a skilled nerd, use a WordPress theme.
  • Create an awesome demo video
  • Refer to the Kick-Start Guide for detailed training.

Fiverr Voiceovers

If no demo video: – “I’ve build out all of my business on word of mouth and I’ve never needed a demo video because other meeting planners have brought me in to BENEFIT. I’d be happy to send you a dozen raving reviews with contact information from other meeting planners…”

Website Creation Resources:

Creating an Effective and Beautiful Speaker Website (Kick-Start Guide)

WIX for easy, cheap, gorgeous website design

Tutorials for WIX Newbies

Themeforest WordPress Themes

Hostgator for Hosting & domain purchase (if not WIX)

Cheaper domains on Namecheap, but you must know how to change nameservers.

Building a Website from Scratch (GREAT WIX tutorial)